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rockler joinery tool bag

Okay, I confess: Sometimes I’m a bit disorganized. It’s my only failing (opinions may vary), so I try not to let it bother me. It can be aggravating, though, when my sole failing causes me to arrive at a job site with one or more necessary tools missing. My solution? I ALWAYS make a list of what I’ll need, and I try to organize my tools and supplies so that I don’t spend more time searching for my tools than I do using them. My quest for order was recently given a boost when we received a new Rockler Woodworking and Hardware (a HF sponsor) Joinery Tool Bag to evaluate.

rockler joinery tool bag
The bag holds enough “stuff” to handle almost any project.

According to Rockler, they designed the Joinery Tool Bag with the goal of keeping your drills, nailers and fasteners in one well-organized, easily accessible space. Whether you’re trimming out window frames, nailing up crown molding, assembling cabinets or installing shelving brackets, you can be assured that the tools and hardware you need are already “in the bag.”

rockler joinery tool bag
Optional tool pouches let you schlep around even MORE stuff!

The main compartment features adjustable Velcro dividers to keep your drill and nailers straight, and one end has a large compartment for a battery charger. The metal clip on the opposite end is perfect for holding a tape measure. It also accepts several of Rockler’s optional tool pouches, so you can haul around even more stuff. Supplies and tools can go straight from your belt to the bag and vice versa, without taking up any space in the interior. Here’s a video that shows some of the pouches in action:

Sizing Up The Rockler Joinery Tool Bag

When I first saw the Rockler Joinery Tool Bag, I admit I wondered how useful it would be. It doesn’t look very big; the official measurements from the tag are: 17” long, 11” wide and 13” high. This is roughly accurate, but it’s a bit bigger when you stuff the pockets full. We’ll get to that in a minute.

It may not look big, but the Rockler Joinery Tool Bag does look – and feel – beefy. The bag is made out of a very heavyweight polyester weave, with a diamond-pattern PVC reinforced bottom. The main compartment divider is reinforced with a plywood core, and there is a comfortable, rugged plastic carrying handle. To help get you organized, there are seven pockets to provide storage for smaller tools, or fasteners like screws, nails, biscuits and dowels. The bag also contains sixteen narrow slots for screwdrivers, pencils and nail sets.

rockler joinery tool bag
The Rockler Joinery Tool Bag is very beefy, and roomier than it looks

To see just how much “stuff” could actually fit into the Rockler Joinery Tool Bag, I grabbed a bunch of tools and supplies I frequently use, and went at it. I started with an 18V impact driver with a full-size battery attached, an extra full-size battery, the charger, a 12” bit extension, and several bits and drivers. I added (take a deep breath) a corded oscillating multitool and various blades and sanding pads; a full set of nut drivers; a 30’ tape measure; a 21-gauge nailer, along with a package of nails for it; a speed square; a package of toggle bolts; a circuit tester; tin snips; a hacksaw; a small flashlight; an adjustable wrench; a full set of countersink bits; a small flush cut saw; a chalk line; a large package of trim-head screws; a utility knife; two small spring clamps; a set of drill bits; a stud finder; a framing hammer; a wood chisel; a screwdriver; a set of Allen wrenches; a flat-bladed razor scraper; a nail set; and a 12V cordless drill. And there was still space I could have jammed even MORE stuff into if necessary! The best part is that I could see and get at almost everything in the bag without having to move anything else.

rockler joinery tool bag
It doesn’t look that big…
rockler joinery tool bag
But you can pack a LOT of stuff in this bag.

Papa’s Got A Brand New (Tool) Bag

Although the Rockler Joinery Tool Bag is marketed toward woodworkers and carpenters, it would be equally useful to most other tradespeople or DIYers. Electricians, plumbers, HVAC techs, maintenance workers, and anyone else who has to schlep around various tools and supplies, would benefit. The bag is well designed, rugged and durable, and capable of hauling around an amazing amount of “stuff.” If YOUR sole fault is being a bit disorganized, the Rockler Joinery Tool Bag can help you become perfect!

rockler joinery tool bag

The Rockler Joinery Tool Bag, currently priced at $49.99, is available directly from Rockler.

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