Ryobi HP Brushless Tools – Full Sized Power

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Ryobi HP Brushless Tools

Ryobi has been a venerable name in the homeowner/DIY power tool space in North America since the turn of the millennium. Sold almost exclusively through Home Depot, Ryobi has always offered good cordless tools at prices that were approachable to the average DIY’er. However, for bigger jobs or continuous use, sometimes the existing Ryobi tools weren’t the best choice. That is, until recently, with the release of the new Ryobi HP Brushless Tools. In this installment of Tool News Nirvana, we’ll learn about the latest batch of products in this upgraded lineup.

Ryobi HP Brushless Tools – Bigger Power

Here at Home Fixated, we’ve previously written about another related Ryobi launch. Check out our coverage of the ONE+™ HP Compact Brushless lineup. The operative word in the preceding sentence is compact, with that product line focusing on small size.

The expansion of the Ryobi HP Brushless Tool lineup is continuing in earnest with 10 more products. These latest tools are full-sized though, with gobs of power and runtime. The main differences between these tools and those in the legacy (non-brushless) Ryobi lineup are an upgraded motor and upgraded electronics. Specifically, the ONE+ HP line incorporates brushless motors for the utmost in power delivery and reliability. Since brushless motors require more sophisticated electronics to function optimally, the tools include new controller boards as well. There are also some upgraded features on a per-tool basis; read on for details.

Ryobi HP Brushless Drills and Drivers

PBLDD01- 18V ONE+™ HP Brushless 1/2″ Drill/Driver
This drill/driver delivers 750 in-lbs of torque for a 50% jump in power over its legacy predecessor. It’s also been upgraded with a 24 position clutch and a ½” ratcheting metal chuck.

Ryobi HP Brushless Tools
Ryobi HP Brushless Tools PBLDD01 Drill/Driver: Power to Spare

PBLHM101- 18V ONE+™ HP Brushless 1/2″ Hammer Drill
With an impressive 750-in-lbs of torque and 0-31,000 BPMs in hammer mode, this hammer drill is powerful enough to handle all common drilling scenarios. A 2-speed gearbox and auxiliary handle add additional versatility.

Ryobi HP Brushless Tools
Ryobi HP Brushless Tools PBLHM101 Hammer Drill: Concrete doesn’t stand a chance.

PBLID01- 18V ONE+™ HP Brushless 1/4″ Impact Driver
The brushless motor in this impact driver delivers 25% more performance than legacy drivers. With 2,200 in-lbs of torque and 4,000 impacts-per-minute, this tool can help you get your fastening task complete.

Ryobi HP Brushless Tools
Ryobi HP Brushless Tools PBLID01 1/4″ Impact Driver: Tighten your world

PBLID02- 18V ONE+™ HP Brushless 4-Mode 1/4″ Impact Driver
In addition to proving the same performance as the PBLID01 (above), the PBLID02 adds 4 operation modes. The three speed settings and the Assist Mode provide additional versatility and control when doing lots of repetitive fastening.

Ryobi HP Brushless Tools
Ryobi HP Brushless Tools PBLID02: Tighten your world (in a controlled manner)

P262- 18V ONE+™ HP Brushless 4-Mode 1/2” Impact Wrench
With up to twice the power of a legacy impact wrench, the P262 makes tougher torquing tasks possible. It delivers up to 600 ft-lbs of breakaway torque and 450 ft-lbs of fastening torque at up to 3,200 impacts-per-minute. A neat feature is the Auto Mode, which prevents overtightening while fastening.

Ryobi HP Brushless Tools
Ryobi HP Brushless Tools P262 1/2″ Impact Wrench: Tractor-trailer levels of torque

P223- 18V ONE+™ HP Brushless 1″ SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer
Compared to existing brushed Ryobi rotary hammers, this brushless upgrade delivers up to 75% more power and up to 2.1 Joules of impact energy. 3 modes – drilling, hammer drilling, and hammering – provide great versatility to the user. An anti-vibration handle rounds out the upgraded featureset on this tool.

Ryobi HP Brushless Tools
Ryobi HP Brushless Tools P223 Rotary Hammer: Make concrete look like swiss cheese

Ryobi HP Brushless Saws

PBLRS01- 18V ONE+™ HP Brushless Reciprocating Saw
Get up to 64% faster cutting speeds with this upgraded brushless version of Ryobi’s workhorse reciprocating saw. With the efficiency gained from brushless technology, it’s also possible to get over 380 cuts per charge. Finish your jobs faster with the 1-¼” stroke length and 3,200 strokes-per-minute.

Ryobi HP Brushless Tools
Ryobi HP Brushless Tools PBLRS01 Recip Saw: It really can saw it all

PBLCS300- 18V ONE+™ HP Brushless 7-1/4″ Circular Saw
Maximize your workflow efficiency with up to 40% faster cutting and 325 cuts per charge. This saw also includes a vacuum dust adaptor for cleanliness. For increased durability, the upper blade guard comes die-cast in metal.

Ryobi HP Brushless Tools
Ryobi HP Brushless Tools PBLCS300 Circular Saw: Cut your workload

PBLJS01- 18V ONE+™ HP Brushless Jig Saw
Due to the brushless motor and upgraded electronics, this latest jigsaw boasts 36% faster cutting speeds and a 78% longer runtime. With 4 orbital settings and a variable speed setting, it’s easy to dial the saw into your project. There’s also a tool-free adjustment for bevel cuts.

Ryobi HP Brushless Tools
Ryobi HP Brushless Tools PBLJS01 Jigsaw: Would you like to play a game? Of woodworking?

PBLMT50- 18V ONE+™ HP Brushless Multi-Tool
Ah, the Swiss-Army Knife of the workshop – the oscillating multi-tool. Compared to existing OMTs from Ryobi, the PBLMT50 cuts up to 30% faster. Since the brushless motor is able to deliver more power, the oscillation angle is also larger on this tool – 3.6 degrees. This allows the tool to take bigger “bites” out of the workpiece, aiding in work efficiency.

Ryobi HP Brushless Tools
Ryobi HP Brushless Tools PBLMT50 Multi-Tool: A much cooler stocking stuffer than a Swiss Army knife

Ryobi HP Brushless Tools – Coming Soon

Santa’s elves, unfortunately, were unable to build an adequate inventory of this new tool lineup before the end of 2020. Ryobi is planning to launch them likely in late January or early February.

For further coverage, check out the Ryobi website below.

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