New WORX Cordless Snowblower Carves a Path

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Snow is an unavoidable part of the winter season in many areas of the country. Certain areas, like the upper midwest or the Great Lakes snowbelt, can have multiple weather events per winter season. They might have a layer of white stuff on the ground for months at a time. A snow blower is an almost must-have in these areas. Historically these workhorses have been powered by small gas engines, but we’re starting to see the beginnings of a transition to cordless battery-operated versions. It’s a transition that was popularized, in part, by the EGO Snowblower we reviewed a few years back. The new WORX Cordless Snowblower is part of the next generation, and we’re going to hear about it in this installment of Tool News Nirvana.

Maintain the Winter Silence with the WORX Cordless Snowblower

WORX Cordless Snowblower
WORX Cordless Snowblower: Powerful, yet quiet snow removal

As discussed in the intro, most snowblowers up until now have been gas-powered. As long as regular maintenance is performed, these tend to be reliable and effective. However, it’s always a bit of a pain to have to deal with fuel, oil, air filters, etc. Plus, manually starting a cold engine is always a great way to get a good arm workout in the morning. Enter the Lithium-Ion battery. It has revolutionized how we use tools, and now the technology is advanced enough to power outdoor equipment as well. The WG471 40 Volt 20 Inch Snow Blower from WORX is part of this revolution.

WORX definitely offers a consistent battery platform with the 20V PowerShare. The same battery powers all of their tools – from woodworking to lawn care and everything in between. When more power is needed, for example with this 40V snowblower, the batteries are simply doubled up.

WORX Cordless Snowblower
WORX Cordless Snowblower: Double the batteries for double the power

The WORX Cordless Snowblower WG471 is a single-stage design. This means that the same rotating blade gathers the snow and throws it as well. It’s a simpler, less complex design than two-stage snowblowers, so it’s perfect for homeowners. The 180-degree rotating chute allows you to place the snow wherever you want – a section of lawn, your neighbor’s car, or directly onto your kid’s head (who is “supervising” from a safe distance).

WORX Cordless Snowblower
WORX Cordless Snowblower: Win the battle for your driveway

Other Features of the WORX Cordless Snowblower

The brushless motor in the WG471 gives long runtimes and lasting durability. Snowstorms don’t always hit during daytime hours, so this snowblower includes 2 LED headlights for good visibility after dark. When you eventually have to store it during the summer, the fully collapsible handle minimizes the space it needs.

The WORX Cordless Snowblower WG471 is available now.

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