Spyder Reciprocating Saw Attachments – You won’t care how they speell there namers after you uze theire produxts

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Ok, so I’m banking on that whole see the almost right letters and then see the right word thing for the title here. I deployed the first grade spelling up above to show you the super cool reciprocating saw attachments by Spyder. The first picture as you might imagine is the grout removal tool code name the da da da daaa… Grout-Out.  Not much of a code name, granted, but who needs one when you can use your reciprocating saw to remove tile grout. 

Instead of using a grout saw or an old chisel to remove the grout (and possibly a finger), you use the modern technological advancement of electricity. Let’s face it, ever since Og decided that trying to kill the Mastodon with a pointy stick thing and rock was too labor intensive, we as a species have tried to make things a little easier on ourselves.

The Grout-Out blades come in two sizes, 1/16 inch and 3/16 inch, to cover all your grout spacing. But that’s not all, because of the motion in the ocean as you work the blade under the tile, it can work the tile loose from the thinset too. As a side note, both the Grout-Out blade and my wedding ring are made of tungsten carbide. In case you were wondering, tungsten carbide is denser and tougher than steel, extremely corrosion resistant, extremely hard and doesn’t melt below 5200°F. So if I or the blade is ever set on fire in the ocean you can still salvage the metal at the bottom without a scratch.

Spyder Scraper
The Wicked Spyder Scraper

As if that’s not cool enough, check out this bad boy. I’ll give you one guess what it’s called. That’s right, the Spyder Scraper. It also attaches to your reciprocating saw and is used to scrape a plethora of glued on substances. And by the looks of things, it sure beats using a shovel and a pry bar.

The Spyder Scraper comes in three sizes: 2”, 4”, 6” for all your jobs. You can use the Scraper to remove glue, thinset, tape, Play-Doh, drywall mud, rubber backed carpet, linoleum, gummy bears, dried spaghetti-o’s, laminate flooring, and so much more. Another plus to these scraper blades is that they can be re-sharpened like any chisel or scraper to keep a smooth edge for all your jobs. So you will be able to scrape linoleum longer than Paris Hilton’s and David Hasselhoff’s singing career put together (not counting Hasselhoff’s career in Germany).

Spyder Products are sold individually or in multi-pack kits at retailers including Ace Hardware, True Value, Do it Best, and Orchard Supply Hardware. Prices range from $9.99 to $42.99.

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3 thoughts on “Spyder Reciprocating Saw Attachments – You won’t care how they speell there namers after you uze theire produxts”

  1. Nice product,,,, expensive. The blade shanks break off on the scrappers if your scrapping on anything half way tough. Your better off renting an electric chipping/impact drill for anything half way heavy.

    Milwaukee tool has the same products at HD.

    • Thanks for the comment Matt. . . we’ve seen the Milwaukee scraper and grout remover in action and they’re a great option for this kind of work.


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