The Caulk Warmer – Who Wouldn’t Want One?

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caulk warmer bagSeriously, I’m going to pass this chance up? To be the first on my block to review a caulk warmer? This is like the biggest freebie in the history of mankind. My wife can’t say a thing because this is legitimate journalism.  Marc listed this as a product to review and I jumped at the chance to grab a hold and make it happen. Seriously. 

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

  1. Would I like to keep my products flowing with improved quality?
  2. How can I put an end to popped caulk tubes and excess manlift runs?
  3. Is it possible to put an end to aching muscles and cold weather delays?

If so, then Maxi (who doesn’t seem dressed for cold weather stuff) is our kinda girl. Maybe her cutoffs are warmed like caulk tubes as well.

2 gallon pail warmerSo they have these bags that look like the size of the bring-your-own grocery bags that the environmentally conscious among us take to the store, but with a flap on the top that folds over. You plug it in, set the thermostat, and it keeps everything ready for good product flow and improved quality. There are other bag sizes as well that will keep your five gallon bucket of joint compound or paint ready to go, or two gallon or one gallon or 20# cylinder warmers.  It looks as though they have all the bases covered.

Even here in Southern California, where freezing temperatures are not normally a problem, the cold tube of caulk can be a bitch to squeeze out. Coupled with the fact that my grip is not what it used to be, I think a warm tube of caulk might be just what the doctor ordered.

The other day I went to the garage to get a quart of paint to do the baseboards in the bathrooms. OK, just one bathroom – but the thought was there. I ended up putting the paint in the sun so it would be way easier to use. This idea of a heated backpack for construction materials like paint, panel adhesive, and caulks of course, that are way easier to apply when heated, was a long time coming. I can’t believe some dudes in places like Duluth would put tubes to warm up or actually thaw on their dashboards with the engine going to run the heater all day!  God I love Southern California.

My inner self tells me to not attempt any more funnyisms. No more innuendos and certainly no more references to Maxi – although she is available at the website with incredible insights into your construction needs…  Heh, heh…

Honey, where are you going?

The Reasor Caulk Warmer Bag is available for around $85.

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