Tool News Nirvana – February 09, 2020

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Valentine’s Day is upon us here at Home Fixated, which, to be honest, is one of our favorite holidays. “Well, how are tools related to Valentine’s Day?” you might ask. It’s because we really, really love tools here. Reading about them, talking about them, using them – these things really make our heart sing! You know what we love even more than tools and home improvement, though? Sharing those tools and those home improvement ideas with you. In this installment of Tool News Nirvana, we’ll hear about a new blower and tile saw from DeWalt, a new band saw from Milwaukee, expanded dust-management options from Makita, and a new metal shear from Hilti. Happy Toolentine’s Day, Home Fixated Fans! Let’s get started…

Milwaukee’s New Compact Band Saws

Milwaukee 2829S
Milwaukee 2829S – Double Triggers For Double Safety

This month, Milwaukee is launching a couple of new compact cordless bandsaws, plus a few accessories as well. These saws will be on the ever-expanding M18 platform – currently containing over 200 tools. Model 2829S has an interesting safety feature in that it has dual triggers that must be simultaneously pressed in order to operate the tool. This ensures that users have a safe grip on the tool before operating it. Both models have other goodies too, like variable-speed triggers, work lights, rafter hooks, and attachment points for pipe reamers.

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It’s A Jet Engine! No, Wait – It’s DeWalt’s New Blower

DeWalt DCBL722 – Moves More Air Than Your Weird Uncle On One Of His Conspiracy Rants.

During the last TNN, we introduced a new pole hedge trimmer and a new string trimmer from DeWalt. Completing the trifecta – the Athos to the others’ Porthos and Aramis, if you will – is a new in-line blower. The DeWalt DCBL722 can move air at up to 125 mph and 450 cubic feet per minute, which may be juuussst enough to blow out the candles on your next birthday cake – from 20 feet away! It’ll be available later this spring alongside the DeWalt DCST922 string trimmer and the DCPH820 pole hedge trimmer which are both coming in future Home Fixated reviews.

Makita Wants To Control Your Dust

Makita HEPA Extractors
Makita & OSHA Table 1 Compliance – Perfect Together

The LXT rotary hammers from Makita are now OSHA table 1 compliant. There aren’t really any jokes to make about this – safety should always be paramount, after all. The integrated HEPA dust-management devices on the XRH01ZVX, XRH011TX, XRH08PTW, XRH10PTW, and XRH011TX should do a great job removing respirable crystalline silica from the work location. All of the dust extractors on these tools have integrated filter cleaning mechanisms as well, for convenience and compliance.

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A New Metal Shear From Hilti

Hilti SSH 6-A22
Hilti’s SSH 6-A22 – Bringing Your Sheariest Dreams To Fruition

The SSH 6-A22 double-cut metal shear was recently unveiled by Hilti. This tool, with its svelte form factor, makes it easier and quicker to cut metal up to a thickness of 13 gauge. It specializes in cutting things such as ductwork, strut, sheet metal, and possibly even credit cards. The battery platform is the same as other current Hilti tools – 22V.

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Cut Big Tiles With DeWalt

DeWalt D36000 – Cutting Tiles, Time, Maybe Even The National Debt!

Announcing the DeWalt D36000 – their new 10 inch, high-capacity wet tile saw. It’s capable of rip cuts of up to 37” and can cut a 24” by 24” tile on the diagonal. Additionally, due to a really well-thought-out water containment system, this saw can even be set up and used in a finished space. So, for the 3 cuts in 24” tile that one would have to make in order to lay a new floor in a typical New York apartment, this saw would be the ideal tool!

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