Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set Review – A Little Box, A Lot Of Tools

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Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set

Having the right tool for the job makes any project go more smoothly. Building up your tool collection so you HAVE the right tool for the job can take time, though – and a fair bit of money. If you’re looking to kick-start or fill out your collection of mechanic’s tools, check out the Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set. With its assortment of 216 tools and accessories, it gives a nice boost to the odds of you having the right tool for that next job.

The Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set, fresh out of the box.

Anyone who’s ever twisted a wrench knows the Craftsman brand. It’s been around a long time, and it was acquired a short time back by a new parent company with its own extensive history in the tool biz – Stanley Black & Decker. The Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set is primarily aimed at mechanics, and includes a pretty good assortment of nice shiny chrome wrenches and sockets, along with some helpful specialty tools. Here’s the list of features and contents from Craftsman:

• VERSASTACK COMPATIBILITY: Allows For Easy Tool Storage And Accessibility
• MINIMAL ARC SWING: 72-tooth ratchets in 3 Drive Sizes
• INCREASED TORQUE: 6 Point Socket With Fastener
• Meets Or Exceed ASME Specifications
• Common applications include automotive, mechanical and home repair
• Compatible with CRAFTSMAN VERSASTACK System (Model #’s CMST60406, CMST60403, CMST17835, CMST17830, CMST17825, CMST17809, CMST17824)

Kit contents:

• (3) Drive Ratchets: 1/4-in., 3/8-in. & 1/2-in.
• (111) Standard and Deep 6-Point and 12-Point Sockets
• (2) 3/8″ Drive Spark Plug Sockets
• (8) Ratchet Accessories
• (14) Combination Wrenches
• (1) Magnetic Nut Driver
• (16) Nut Bits
• (28) Hex Keys
• (33) Specialty Bits

Here’s the list of all the wrench and socket sizes. You’re welcome.

Getting Versed On Versastack

Craftsman’s Versastack system is made up of a variety of toolboxes, tool sets, and other items that latch together for easy transport and organization. There’s even a Versastack radio and charger. I don’t have any of the other Versastack toolboxes, but I do have the 17” canvas Versastack tool bag. It’s sturdy and has space enough to cram a lot of “stuff” in, with extra pockets and a tape measure holder on the outside. The bag has recesses on each end so it can be latched to the top of a stack.

Versastack components lock together for easy schlepping.
The 17″ tool bag is sturdy, and holds a lot of “stuff.”

We also received and recently reviewed a Versastack rolling cooler from Craftsman. Since the Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set weighs in at a robust 30 lbs., having a wheeled transportation system is a definite plus – especially when that system can also tote cold drinks and tasty vittles. The toolbox from this set latched onto the top of the cooler very securely, although it was a bit awkward getting it latched on.

The Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set – Three Small Drawers, One Large Tool Assortment

Looking at the smallish toolbox that houses the Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set, you’d never guess there were 216 pieces in there. Although the tool box is all plastic, it feels pretty sturdy. There are three drawers, each labeled with its primary contents: ¼”, 3/8”, and ½” drive set.

Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set
This should improve your odds of having the right tool for the job…Photo – Craftsman
Labels help speed up tool selection.

The drawers have a latch at each end, to prevent unintentional tool spillage and the tirade of impolite language that generally accompanies that spillage. When it’s time to open the drawers on purpose, it’s easy to do: Just pinch in the tab at each end, and slide it out. All three drawers can be completely removed from the toolbox.

Latches on each drawer keep them from toppling out.

The sockets, ratchets and accessories each have their own designated storage spots. The standard size sockets slide onto little protrusions, which keeps them separated. The protrusions aren’t wide enough to secure them, though, so if the drawer tips the sockets will go walkabout. It would be helpful if the nubs were a little wider, to provide a friction fit.

Everything in its place…standard size sockets slide onto little nubs.

All three drive sizes also include a good assortment of deep sockets, stored in rows on their sides. The 3/8” collection also includes two spark-plug sockets, in the two most common sizes. Other must-have items included in the Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set are five extensions: the ¼” and 3/8” drive sets have 3” extensions, and all three sets include a 6” extension. Universal joints are also included for the ¼” and 3/8” sets, along with a 3/8” drive to ¼” adapter.

But Wait – There’s More

A total of 14 shiny combination wrenches are also included in the Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set: 7 SAE and 7 metric. The wrenches sit in two bins behind the ½” socket set. It would be nice to have individual storage slots for each wrench, but there’s no way to do that and keep the box’s compact size.

Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set
The set contains 7 SAE and 7 metric combination wrenches.

Several accessories share space with the ¼” drive socket set. Snugged up in one recess are 14 SAE and 14 metric Allen wrenches. A magnetic nut driver resides in the back, surrounded by a slew of attachments to make it useful. There are Phillip’s head and slotted screwdriver bits, a variety of Torx and square-drive bits, and an assortment of nut driving bits in both SAE and metric sizes.

Lots of extras share the drawer with the 1/4″ set.

One other thoughtful feature is the recessed area on top of the box. There are a few divided areas, which could be handy for temporarily stowing those nuts and bolts you’re yanking out.

A recessed area on top helps corral small parts and tools.

The Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set Does Some Light Wrenching

When the Craftsman Versastack wrench set arrived, I had no major mechanical projects on the agenda. With a farm to maintain, though, there’s never a shortage of items on the “to-do” list. Several tools from the set got their first taste of cold steel and grime helping out with some of those tasks.

On one fine frigid day, I pulled the batteries out of our John Deere lawn tractor and the larger Kubota tractor. I wanted to let them enjoy the remainder of the winter basking in the relative warmth of the basement, connected to trickle chargers. A couple of the combination wrenches made quick work of disconnecting the battery terminals. Not a super challenging task, but it gave me a chance to check out the fit and feel of the wrenches. Thanks to the smooth chrome finish, the wrenches were very easy to clean up afterwards.

Putting some cold steel to work in the unheated shop…
A slightly bigger wrench, and the Kubota gave up its battery…

Moving indoors, the 13 mm combination wrench got put to work assembling an adjustable height work table. The wrench fit over the fasteners nicely, but the space was pretty tight, so I switched over to the 13 mm socket and 6” extension. Everything fit perfectly, and in very short order all the bolts were snugged up.

Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set
The combination wrenches worked fine, but it was slow going…
The ratchet finished the job fast.

My Favorite Color Is Chrome

All the tools in the Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set seem to be very good quality. The ratchets operate very smoothly, and the sockets and extensions fit together nicely. The ½” drive sockets are 12-point, and the 3/8” and ¼” sockets are 6-point. I tried various sockets from all three drive sizes on a variety of fasteners, and they all fit well, with no slipping or play.

Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set
The 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ drive sockets all have a nice polished chrome finish.

The full polish chrome finish on all the wrenches, sockets and ratchets looks good, and gives the Craftsman Versastack wrench set a high-end look and feel. They clean up nicely with a shop rag after use. Hopefully the finish will hold up well; we had no issues with it chipping or flaking during our testing.

Need To Beef Up YOUR Tool Corral?

Any serious DIYer, homeowner or shade-tree mechanic would likely be very happy with the 216-piece Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set. It would even make a pretty decent start for anyone entering the automotive repair trade. The set has many of the most commonly-used wrenches and sockets, along with a good assortment of Allen wrenches, nut drivers and other useful accessories.

Sizes are etched into the sockets in the Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set.

Best of all, getting your hands on all this shiny goodness won’t bust the budget. The regular price is a reasonable $149, and the set was recently on sale for only $99! Can’t beat the warranty, either – Craftsman backs the Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set with a full lifetime guarantee. If you’ve got some wrenching to do, ratchet yourself out of your chair and bolt down to your nearest Lowe’s, and get yourself 216 shiny helpers.

Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set

Buy the 216-piece Craftsman Versastack Wrench Set From Lowes:

Buy Now - via Lowes

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