Tool News Nirvana – June 23, 2020

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It’s vacation planning season here at Tool News Nirvana. Our thoughts are consumed with daydreams of white sand beaches, palm trees, pieces of sun-bleached wood on the beach, and fishing. Maybe the tool manufacturers are having the same thoughts, too! This month, we’ll hear about a new fish tape from Klein and a special new color from Big-Ass Fans called Driftwood. Get it? The dad-jokes are strong this month. We’ll also feature an innovative asset management system from Milwaukee, comfy new kneepads from Klein, and a cordless detail sander from WORX. Let’s dive right in!

Milwaukee Wants Your Stuff to Remain Yours

Milwaukee Asset ID Tags
Milwaukee Asset ID Tags: Control The Flow Of Your Stuff

Milwaukee recently introduced their new One-Key™ Asset ID Tags, which are meant to be used with the One-Key™ App. If you manage a jobsite with multiple users, or multiple jobsites, these tags allow for the tracking of tools and equipment as they are transferred around. They’re available now, and come in different versions depending on the surface they’re being adhered to. Honestly, though, we’re just waiting on Milwaukee to introduce version 2: Toddler Asset Management™. Are you listening, Big Red?

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Save Your Knees With Klein Kneepads

Klein 60184
Klein 60184: Hammer Nails, Not Your Knees

The #60184 Lightweight Gel Kneepads from Klein are perfect those looking for comfort and protection without being weighed down. They feature cinch straps for a comfy fit, while also dispersing weight through a combination of gel and EVA foam. Also, they have slip-resistant rubber caps for great stability. Speaking from experience, working on one’s knees all day can be taxing. It’s great to see some innovation here to make the task a bit easier. Look for them now.

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WORX 20V Detail Sander

WORX WX822L: For those itches that a round or square sander just can’t scratch.

Late last month, WORX launched their new 20V Power Share™ WX822L Detail Sander. It only weighs 1.8 pounds, including the battery, so it’s easy to work with for long periods of time. Additionally, it features a triangular-shaped sanding pad that oscillates at 12,000 RPM, so you can very quickly sand all those pesky corners of the chair that your spouse asked you to refinish 3 years ago. It comes with a 2.0ah battery, a charger, and a few assorted accessories. It’s available now.

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Be A Better Fisherman With Klein’s New Tape

Klein 56335
Klein 56335: Go fishing inside your house!

Klein rolled out the #56335 ¼” fish tape recently. The 25-foot length and extra width of the carbon spring steel tape make it extremely strong and easy to work with. Obviously, it’s meant to be used for the process of fishing electrical or communications cables through walls. Since we’re in vacation mode now, though, all we can think of is zip-tying a big circle hook to it and trying to angle for a famed Floridian Atlantic Goliath Grouper, which can top 700 pounds. Luckily, Klein adds a protective coating to the blade which makes it much less likely to rust, which might be useful in saltwater. The 56335 is available now.

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Limited Edition From Big-Ass Fans

Big Ass Fans Haiku in Driftwood
Big Ass Fans Haiku in Driftwood: Stylishly move a LOT of air.

You’ll remember that a few TNNs ago we featured a new line of Big-Ass Fans evaporative coolers. Well, they’re keeping the “new product train” going with an announcement of a special finish for their popular Haiku ceiling fan. The “Driftwood” finish is available on the 52”, 60”, or 84” fans, which can effectively cover up to a 30’ by 30’ area. These fans would fit perfectly in the new palatial woodshop that you’re building for yourself next to your estate in South Beach.

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