Tool News Nirvana – March 1, 2020

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In this installment of Tool News Nirvana, we’ll learn about a power scraper and a quiet compressor from Makita, a compact toolbox and a new charger from Milwaukee, and a new ladder from Werner. Home Fixated fans, let’s close out February and kick off March in the best way we know how – with lots and lots of tools!

Makita’s New Power Scraper

Makita Power Scraper
Makita Power Scraper – Peels Off Tile Like A Hot Knife Through Butter.

If you’ve got a large quantity of scraping, chiseling, scaling, or light-duty breaking to complete in the near future, Makita has the tool for you. The XKH01, launching this month, is a specialized power scraper that uses SDS Plus bits. With a variable impact speed, 2.2 ft/lbs of impact energy, and 12 bit-angle settings – there will be no tile left unscraped.

More Info - via Makita

PACKOUT Compact Tool Box From Milwaukee

Milwaukee-PackOut Compact
Milwaukee Compact Storage – Optimized To Hold Your Stuff.

Milwaukee announced a new compact toolbox for their ever-expanding PACKOUT storage system. This new container features quick-adjust internal dividers, which make it easy to accommodate various sizes of tools or supplies. If you’re the kind of worker that likes to keep massive quantities of multiple types of snacks on-hand at all times but also wants to keep their carbs separate from their proteins, the compact toolbox might be a perfect solution.

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Milwaukee Thinks You Should Charge Faster

Milwaukee Dual Charger
Milwaukee Rapid Dual Charger – Twice The Batteries In A Third Of The Time

Earlier this year, Milwaukee launched a new twin-bay simultaneous rapid charger. The 48-59-1802 can charge M18 batteries about 3X faster than a regular sequential charger. Now you can’t use the excuse of “my batteries aren’t finished charging yet” when you’re looking for a way out of mounting the new curtain rods your partner just picked out.

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SHHHH! Makita Launches Quiet Compressor

Makita MAC210Q – Quiet By Name, Quiet By Reputation

We’ve been thinking hard here at Home Fixated. Thinking about niches. Do you know what a unique niche might be? A carpenter who specializes in renovating libraries…..while they’re still open. If that’s a future you could envision for yourself, Makita has a line of compressors for you! At 60DB or less, the MAC100Q, MAC210Q and MAC320Q are quiet enough to work well with the Dewey Decimal System.

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New, Safer Ladder From Werner

Werner Leansafe X3
Werner Leansafe X3 – A Stairway To Heaven Change A Light Bulb

It’s always great to see innovation from a legacy brand in the home improvement space. Case in point: the LEANSAFE X3 ladder from Werner. It can be used in multiple scenarios – including as a traditional step ladder and also as a straight ladder with a 13’ reach. With its specialized bumpers, it can safely lean against a wall, corner, or stud, too. Additionally, it features a magnetic top, so tools and fasteners stay put while the job is being completed.

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