Werner Work Platform – The Handiest Step Stool Thingamajig Ever

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werner-work-platform-workbenchSeveral years ago we embarked on a fateful remodel project. It was a questionable use of resources, but now we have at least one section of our house that is less likely to instantly crumble in the next earthquake. As with many job sites, we had a fascinating cast of characters, including a carpenter named Phil. He was from the UK, took great pride in his work, and he also introduced me to the Werner work platform. I don’t think I have ever seen someone so excited about a ladder-ish thingamajig as Phil, with the possible exception of the Little Giant ladder folks at various trade shows. Phil would tell me about how great this thing was, daily. The remodel ended (eventually), and Phil rode off into the sunset with his Werner Work Platform tucked under his arm. Years went by, and then I spotted a Black Friday special at Lowes. The pricing was insanely low, and I could hear Phil’s accented voice telling me I would be equally insane not to buy it.

The platform also makes a handy tool storage bench, or a spot for your lunch break

The work platform keeping a corded drill within arms' reach
I have had plenty of time to play around with the work platform now, and I have to say that I now share Phil’s enthusiasm for what is a deceptively simple piece of aluminum. Werner tapped into something we all know; there are countless tasks around the home and job site that we’d be better suited for if we were all about 8 feet tall. Many use a compact step stool/ladder for this kind of task. The problem is those greatly limit your ability to move side to side. The Werner Work Platform liberates you from the tyranny and confines of most typically step stools. And, since scaffolding or stilts aren’t exactly convenient for most tall tasks, the Werner Work Platform might just become your go-to accessory for boosting your altitude.

A few specs:

39 1/2” L. x 12” W. Highest standing level: 20 9/16”.
Open dimensions: 50 1/4” W. x 15 5/8” D. x 20 9/16” H.
Folds to a compact closed depth of 5 3/4” for easy storage.
225 lb capacity.

werner-work-platform-sideWithin a few hours of getting the work platform home, I found myself reaching for it while re-arranging some storage shelves in the garage. Then it was a comfortable mini-scaffold for some painting. Next, a higher perch for some wiring tasks on a ceiling. After that, a handy place to store tools while putting in some low-voltage wiring. Finally, a launch pad for a hang-gliding expedition. Ok, so I didn’t actually use it for hang gliding. But the list goes on and on. If you even do just a minimal amount of work around your home, you’ll likely still find this work platform an invaluable tool, and much safer than precariously balancing on that spindly dining room chair.

Good traction also equates to hard to clean grooves

Safety latch is effective but clunky
So, what don’t I like about the work platform? The top surface of the platform is ridged to provide solid traction, which is of course a good thing. Unfortunately, the ridges, lips and extrusions underneath also do an amazing job of trapping dirt. If you like to keep your work platform clean, you’ll find compressed air is more effective than trying to wipe or vacuum all the debris off. I also found the safety lock to be a little annoying in terms of its design. It’s basically a spring-loaded little latch that spins and rattles around until you lock it into place on each side. I’d like to see a design that automatically locks in place when you fold the legs out and that has a simple and clean release mechanism for when you are ready to fold it up for storage. When compared to the immense versatility you get out of this thing, those minor issues are a very tiny price to pay.

If you work around homes on a job site, or if you like to work on your own home, the Werner Work Platform is a simple, inexpensive way to make tasks from minor repairs to painting more comfortable, safer and more efficient. Although it’s not quite the Black Friday bargain I scored at Lowes, you can find the ultra-versatile Werner AP-20-MP6 225-Pound Capacity Work Platform for just under $60 on Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “Werner Work Platform – The Handiest Step Stool Thingamajig Ever”

  1. I also have one of these as well and it is super handy for painting, drywalling and holding my campstove. Since I am pushing the 225lb rating I sprung for one from Louisville that is rated at 300 and it is nice and solid, even with both me and my wife on it (doing painting, nothing else). They used to carry it on HD’s website but I can only find it on amazon now – search Louisville L-3041-03. It has the same clunky hinge locks and has a tendency of rocking back and forth if you don’t open it all the way. I was thinking of using a long piece of aluminum bar with notches to brace the sides open since my locks lost the springs and tend to fall open. However it is still a great tool to have around the house and I use it often. Don’t let your family members see it or you will loaning it out every time they paint a room.


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