Stackable Sawhorses Designs and Sawhorse Plans, DIY Easily

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Ok–this article is pretty much the equivalent of what monkeys do when they are bored.  They grab…er…”material” and throw it around.  Writers sometimes use this technique when trying out new ideas or just plain don’t have anything else to say.  Toss enough “stuff” at the wall–and something is bound to stick.  In this case–what is going to stick is my find of these sawhorse plans.

Quickly:  some background.  Sister-in-law:  New baby due first part of July.  First grandchild.  First nephew for the wife and her sister.  First child of the S.I.L..  Mass anticipation of cuteness and new babyness has ensued.  Because of all of this, I needed some sawhorses.  Don’t ask.  Babies and sawhorses: what could go together better?

I am at the family ranch, learning the ropes so to speak.  The Grandparents will be headed south to meet new Baby after he is born, and I am left with nothing less than the entire family’s’ lifeblood and main source of income.  Awesome.  I am just hoping to not:  A. Burn anything down.  B. Kill any cows C. Have a cow kill me and D. Destroy a piece of farm machinery worth more than my life.  Easy peasy. So, I am charged with maintaining my lavish writer lifestyle, and living, working, and more working on a real live cattle ranch.  Seriously.  We even ride horses to “trail” cows to other pastures.  I have only seen this stuff on TV, and didn’t realize people still did it.  It is not as fun as TV.  It is hot, buggy, and you get yelled at a lot.  Plus–somehow I got the slow horse.  Mostly I think that it is so I do not kill myself, or any of the In-laws.  Moving on…

I have to give mad props to Chris Baylor, editor for the woodworking site, who wrote about these sawhorse designs and detailed the sawhorse plans step-by-step.  Honestly–with some cut-off from another project I was working on, 29 2 1/2 inch screws, and about 20 minutes total, I had these stackable, extremely stout, and very easily built sawhorses.

Because of the nice, relaxed, extremely fast paced country life at the ranch, I had to make these sawhorses work–and they had to be: Easy, and quick.  Mr. Baylor’s sawhorse design was both.  I am pretty sure the ranch dogs could have handled these.  I’m not trying to talk down to anyone–or brag up my mad carpentry skills–but these things were EASY to build.  If you can remember to build one 2 inches shorter than the other–and put the braces on the inside of one of the sawhorses you’re money. 

The design on these horsies is really good.  Simple, cheap, and extremely strong.  I am in the process of building a butcher block counter top–and it is really, really heavy.  (If you’re all good little readers, and tell everyone you know about HomeFixated–I might share my technique on building the butcher block in the future).  No stress at all for the sawhorses.  The 32” height is about perfect for me–and for fine woodworking they are the right height for my shop stool.  Good times.  Anytime I can be doing “construction” while sitting on my arse gets the “Good times” mark.

Also, for some extra fun and screwing around I used one of the branding irons that was in the shop to put the family’s brand on the horses so no sawhorse rustlers can steal them.  It was pretty cool–and makes for a neat look.

In the end:  If you have a need for very strong, very cheap, and very easily built sawhorses I recommend you check out Chris Baylor’s article and how-to for these very solid sawhorses.  I really couldn’t have come up with anything better myself…

Ok–I lied.  I would have added cup holders.

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1 thought on “Stackable Sawhorses Designs and Sawhorse Plans, DIY Easily”

  1. LIke your writing style, and I just built those “Horses” yesterday and I like the idea of you branding them. I am in the same boat. City boy married ranch girl. I might have to borrow the family irons and brand mine.


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