Crotch-tastic Bottle Opener – The 686 Toolbelt

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If MacGyver had been an alchoholic, then this would have been his belt of choice. It’s perfect for those looking to impress that special someone at a party. Imagine it. She walks into the party solo, wearing an enticing spandex mini-skirt and rainbow tube top. You’re standing in the kitchen, your baggy skater pants loosely held up by the 686 Toolbelt. She says seductively, “Dude, are you going to offer me a beer or just stand there like a loser?” Too cool for words, you grab a MGD from the fridge, and in one smooth motion lower it to your crotch. She lets out a brief gasp of . . . pleasure? You crack open the beer and narrowly avoid spilling it all over your pants. She grabs the beer from your hand and runs from the room (no doubt to tell her friends how awesome you and your belt with integrated bottle opener are).

You too can recreate your own cool Toolbelt scene if you strap on the Toolbelt from 686. And, when you’re done opening beer, it’s got a couple wrenches and two screwdrivers built in too. Just imagine how hot you’ll look with this on your belt when you tighten that door-hinge screw at the party. This Toolbelt and bottle opener comes in 3 delicious colors (white, brown and black), and they even have a studded “Rocker” version, in case you feel the need to attract more attention to yourself.

If you never want to be too far from your tools, then this Toolbelt may be just what you need. And with the holidays in full swing, the 686 Toolbelt can make a great gift. Just be careful with the beer, OK? Our thanks to the gents over at ToolStop in the UK for bringing this one to our attention. You can pick up the 686 Original Snow Toolbelt for around $40 at Amazon.

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3 thoughts on “Crotch-tastic Bottle Opener – The 686 Toolbelt”

  1. This is the best thing ever. Do they have a ladies sized version? You know how guys like to walk around with cute puppies to attract women? This belt is a dude magnet.

    • No specific ladies sized version that I’m aware of, but they do come in different sizes. I say rock the closest size and add a belt hole or two as needed. Please send pics of the whoever you attract and we can do a public “hot or not” assessment for you! I won’t even tell your husband. ; )


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