Bosch FlexiClick 5-in-1 Drill/Driver System – A Whole New Angle

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Bosch FlexiClick

Have you ever had a tool that the more time you spent with it the more you realized just how incredibly useful it really is? That’s what I experienced when team blue sent us their brand spankin’ new GSR12V-140FCB22 12V Max Bosch FlexiClick 5-in-1 Drill/Driver System to bone up on in preparation for the release date. This powerful and versatile driver is perfect for most of your regular drilling and driving needs and – even better – for getting into those tight spaces that others simply cannot access. Well, today is the big day! Bosch FlexiClick is now officially available for purchase and you’re going to want to get in on the action. What makes the FlexiClick system so special? I’m glad you asked. Allow me to demonstrate!

Bosch FlexiClick 5-in-1 Drill/Driver System – The Whole Kit And Caboodle (Minus The Caboodle)

Double jointed
Can your driver do that? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

My first impression was one of uncertainty and questioning. What’s with this weird collection of attachments? Is this one of those “Swiss Army” type novelty tools that promises to do everything, yet does nothing well? They’re kidding, right? What exactly is a caboodle and do I really need one? But then I held the various attachments. Their heft, rigidity, utility… And the driver itself; it appears to be of the same high quality I’ve come to expect from Bosch. Oh wait, Bosch is serious about this! I shall don my monocle!

The complete kit
The Bosch FlexiClick 5-in-1 drill/driver system comes with everything you need, even an extra battery.

In fairness, I’ve owned a similar looking, comparably-sized Bosch driver for almost 5 years now and it’s a workhorse (but only a straight driver with locking bit holder). So I already had a clue this might be worth a closer look. It turns out that what we have here is several tools in one – specialty and “regular” – that are actually as good as separate, dedicated tools, but at a fraction of the cost and bulk. What we have here is truly special.

Bosch FlexiClick Drives It Home

New and old
Don’t underestimate the muscle of a 12V driver. The one on the right has built many projects, never breaking a sweat. And it’s still going strong.

Above, you can see the new Bosch FlexiClick driver (left) alongside an older Bosch PS20 that I’ve had for years now. The PS20 built the gargoyled gazebo featured here at HomeFixated early last year. Well, I helped a little. It easily powered through 20 pounds of Spax and GRK screws in this one project alone. That older unit included a pair of 1.3Ah 12V batteries; the FlexiClick, 2Ah.

The GSR12V-140FC driver is beefy, yet compact. The bare tool with battery weighs only 1lb, 12.8 oz.

Before messing with the attachments, let’s check out the heart of the system: the Bosch GSR12V-140FC driver, rated at 265 in-lbs. (max) with a top speed of 1,300 RPM. Without a hearty core, the system would be nothing. As far as I can tell, this is essentially the same 12V Max driver already on the market for $129, just with interchangeable heads. With the FlexiClick GSR12V-140FCB22 package, you’re buying a veritable suite of tools for a lot fewer shekels than they’d cost individually.

With the trend of 18V and higher tools, you’d be forgiven for wondering if, perhaps, 12V is not as desirable. But Bosch continues to prove that their 12V platform is far from dead. To the contrary, they’ve just improved upon it.

May The Power Of Bosch Compel You – Bosch FlexiClick

Power up with FlexiClick
The kit includes one charger and 2 Li-Ion batteries to keep you going at all times.

What the Bosch FlexiClick 5-in-1 drill/driver system lacks in caboodles (and honestly, I can’t say that I’ve ever needed one) it more than makes up for with the kit. The kit includes a pair of 2Ah batteries and a fast charger. Each battery took about 1 hour, 20 minutes from factory to full charge. Closer to 2 hours from “dead”. Not too bad.

Fully charged
A steady green light indicates full charge.

As with most Li-Ion tools, the batteries incorporate electronic protective measures to prevent destructive deep discharging and other alliterative aggravations, giving you the maximum number of charge/discharge cycles and the fewest number of tongue twisters.

Battery level indicator
An onboard battery indicator monitors remaining charge.

You Can Have What You Want, What You Really, Really Want And More – Bosch FlexiClick

The basics
The opening act: a three piece ensemble we’ll call “The Basics”.

Enough small talk, the FlexiClick 5-in-1 drill/driver System is all about the attachments. The basics are your standard 1/4” hex bit holders and a 3/8” keyless chuck. With no heads attached, the compact driver itself has a magnetic bit holder.

Magnetic bit holder
The tool length is 5.2”, with no bit or attachments. This is the built-in magnetic bit holder.
Bosch FlexiClick
To install an attachment, press it on and click the locking ring.
Locking ring
Close-up of the rotating locking ring.

Bosch FlexiClick – Locking Bit Holder

Locking bit holder
This holder locks the bit securely in place.
FlexiClick bit holder
There is no way you’re losing bits with this thing.
Locking collar
Depress the locking collar to insert or remove a bit.

The locking bit holder secures your bit with an iron grip. It will never fall out or get caught in a screw head.

Bosch FlexiClick – 3/8” Keyless Drill Chuck

Drill chuck
Attention: this is not a drill! Oh wait, I mean it’s not only a drill.

The keyless drill chuck adjusts with silky smooth action and firmly clamps onto bit shanks up to 3/8”, with little to moderate tightening effort. Just what you’d expect from a quality chuck. Though I did have it loosen once, it may have been my fault. Just check it every so often and you’ll be fine, as with any keyless chuck.

Bosch FlexiClick
Both the locking bit holder and drill chuck have this connector. They can be attached or swapped out in mere moments. Here, you can see the metal-shielded bearing.
Keyless chuck
Not much really needs to be said about it. It’s a quality keyless chuck that works well.

Specialty Attachments – Bosch FlexiClick Versatility

Specialty attachments
Behold, the crown jewels of the Bosch FlexiClick system.

Personally, I’d have to think long and hard before purchasing a dedicated offset or right angle driver. I just don’t need either often enough to justify the expense, so when I do I’ve always begrudgingly resorted to wrenches, ratchets, sockets, and hand cramping contortions in their stead. And sometimes cussing. But now there’s an affordable option.

However, some of you – such as cabinet installers and electricians – may need such tools much more frequently. You will find Bosch FlexiClick to be the sweet granting of a wish you never thought to make. And now, you’ll never have to.

Who you calling twisted?
Right angle and offset attachments give the FlexiClick system the wonderful ability to access difficult areas.
FlexiClick attachments
The right angle and offset attachments can be used together for even greater versatility.
16 position coupler
Both specialty attachments allow for 16 different axial orientations. And let me tell you, that comes in incredibly handy.

16 Position Right Angle Attachment – Bosch FlexiClick 5-in-1 Drill/Driver System

FlexiClick right angle attachment
Like the others, the 90° attachment is rock solid and the gear train has virtually no slop. For fun, I measured the backlash to be a tiny 3.5 to 4°.

The right angle attachment is perfect for drilling or driving around corners and in tight spaces. It can be used alone – as an angled magnetic bit driver – or in conjunction with any other attachment and can be used at 16 different angles.

Right angle attachment
The right angle head can be positioned as needed. Photo: Bosch Tools
Stacked attachments
Use with the 3/8” keyless chuck to drill holes at insane angles. Photo: Bosch Tools

Tight spaces really benefit from the right angle head. Sure, you could use a wrench or ratchet. But if you can’t get enough swing it’s going to be a tedious job.

Driving a lag
Delivering the torque, even in cramped quarters.

Cornered By The Bosch FlexiClick Offset Attachment

FlexiClick offset driver
Like the 90° attachment, the offset head, too, can be used in any one of 16 different positions. Photo: Bosch Tools
Offset driver
The offset driver has a 1/4” locking bit holder.

If you’ve ever tried to use a normal electric driver really close to an inside corner, you can image how useful this attachment is. The offset driver attachment allows you to get as close to an inside edge as 7/16”, and as close to an inside corner as 5/8”.

Bosch offset attachment
In this image, you can see how drastic the offset really is. Photo: Bosch Tools

Let’s see how much of a difference this really makes.

Not close enough
Here, I’m using the regular bit holder to get as close to the corner as possible.
Now that's close!
And here, the same corner is attacked with the FlexiClick offset attachment.
Big difference
I’d say that’s a pretty substantial difference!

But Wait – There’s More!

Forward/reverse switch
This red arrow above the trigger seems to be a reminder to read the instructions. It’s actually the forward/reverse switch.

We’ve seen how the various attachments transform the Bosch FlexiClick into a 5-in-1 drill/driver system. But let’s not overlook the other features: a variable speed trigger, variable torque clutch, reversible drive, built-in work light, onboard battery indicator and 2-speed gear shifter. Vroom-vroom!

Trigger lock
When the direction switch is in the center position (which it’s not here), it acts as a trigger lock.

The trigger is always a variable speed controller, but the gear shift switch offers two speed ranges. According to the manual, low gear gives you high torque (up to 265 in-lbs) with a slower top speed and high gear permits speeds up to 1,300 RPM.

Gear shifter
This is the gear shifter.

As far as I can tell, the gear shifter only affects top speed and not torque.

Bosch FlexiClick – Variable Torque Clutch

Torque selector
The adjustable clutch slips to disengage driving force once desired torque is achieved.

When you need consistent torque – or just want to avoid driving screws completely through your workpiece like a total noob – the variable torque clutch is your friend.

Drill mode
The “drill” position locks the clutch to provide torque up to 265 in-lbs.

In drill mode, the GSR12V-140FC FlexiClick driver was able to hog out a 2” core from this 2-by construction lumber, cutting half way from each side and meeting in the middle.

Hole saw
I wouldn’t make a habit of sawing 2” holes with any compact driver, but the FlexiClick can handle the job if it has to.

Granted, a hole this size is a little much for a compact drill. But it does have the oomph to make it through. Just don’t expect the greatest charge endurance under such a high load; it will definitely drain the battery a lot faster.

The FlexiClick Carrying Case – Your Typical Old Bag

Carrying case
The carrying bag stores everything – including both batteries and the charger – in one convenient, easy-to-carry parcel.

I appreciate when companies include storage/carrying cases with their hand-held tools. But they usually fall short of the mark. I end up throwing away most blow molded cases because they waste space; and because trying to fit the tools back in is often a needlessly frustrating puzzle.

Hey, what about us?
There are dedicated homes for some of the components. But what about the rest?

On the other hand, soft carrying bags usually lack sufficient compartmentalization, so the various pieces are allowed to tumble around and bang against each other. But why? Seriously, why is it so difficult to make a storage case that doesn’t suck? I can’t be the only one to notice this foible shared by most – if not all – power tool brands. Bosch was so close with this one! Three more elastic loops would have done the trick.

At least they fit
The last three attachments are just thrown in loosely, wherever they’ll fit.

So the bag leaves me wanting. But it does have some utility and in no way detracts from the tool itself. After all, it really is a fantastic tool. No doubt I’ll be whining about afterthought cases with virtually every power tool I ever own, until I, myself, am the elderly male equivalent of a useless old bag. By that time I’ll be too old to care. You may be too.

Bosch FlexiClick 5-in-1 Drill/Driver System – This Is What Awesome Looks Like!

Bosch FlexiClick
FlexiClick provides the high quality you’d expect from Bosch.

In the end, FlexiClick is a multi-tool system worth more than the sum of its parts. Each attachment actually works as well as you’d expect from a dedicated tool of the same type. Far from a gimmicky pseudo-Jack of all trades, master of none, this is a professional quality tool that delivers the goods.

Bosch FlexiClick
This multi-talented system has a lot up its sleeve.

The Bosch FlexiClick 5-in-1 drill/driver system is hot off the press as of today. You can learn more about it and find a dealer near you by visiting

Available now for only $199 ($269, for our friends in Canada).

Buy Now - via Amazon

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  1. Loved this article! Educational and humorous. I will be buying this tool based on this review. Always have appreciated Bosch woodworking tools, now I know the one I have been missing! Thanks Steve for your thorough and honest assessment!

    • Thanks for the feedback, Joe! Bosch does have a great lineup and this is really fits in nicely. I know you’re going to love it. I’ve already used it several more times since writing the review and it’s been a genuine pleasure. It will definitely get a ton of use in my shop.


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