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At HomeFixated, we like to do things a little differently. This year, rather than go with a long laundry list of potential holiday gifts for your tool and home-obsessed significant others, we’re setting up gift categories according to how naughty or nice the recipient was. Naturally for HomeFixated, we’re turning the tables and ranking “Naughty” as deserving of the most extravagant gifts, and “Nice” still deserving of more budget-friendly gift options. We start off with some dreamy, over-the-top suggestions and work our way down to tools and products that can fit into just about any holiday budget. So, whether you’re shopping for that handy certain someone, or you just need to tell loved ones what you’d like to see under the tree, read on for the tool-centric 2013 HomeFixated Holiday Gift Guide! Oh, in case our gift guide isn’t enough, you’ll find links to several more holiday tool gift guides from some great tool site friends at the end of the article.

For the Naughtiest of the Naughty – HomeFixated Dream Gifts

John Deere Gator RSX850i

If your significant other buys you this, she/he is a keeper!

The John Deere Gator RSX850i has a sporty 62 hp v-twin engine that will zip you along at a 53 mph top speed. It has true 4-wheel-drive (not the false kind), fully independent multi-link suspension and even a 400 lb dumping cargo box so you can pretend you’re “working.” Sadly it will set you or your very generous mate back around $14,000. Fun, I mean “work”, doesn’t come cheap!

Epilog Laser

With the Epilog Laser, your creativity – and budget – is the only limit.

Don’t let the $8000+ price tag stop your secret Santa! The Epilog Laser can pay for itself (if you happen to run a business that sells cool stuff engraved by lasers)! Check out Epilog Lasers for more details.

Makerbot Replicator 2


Why buy stuff when you can actually make it yourself with a 3d printer. Think of it as your own personal team of elves. You can find more details on the $2200+ Replicator 2 on MakerBot.com.

Gladiator Garageworks Garage Package

gladiator garage package
Why buy one piece at a time? Check out Gladiator’s complete garage packages.

Maybe you recently read our Gladiator Garageworks Bamboo Workbench Review. Or maybe you just want your man-cave to look a little more impressive than a bunch of green and red plastic bins stacked all over the place. Perhaps you just want a garage that doesn’t take four hours to find a specific tool in. Whatever your motivation, Gladiator (a current advertiser on HomeFixated), has complete Garage Packages from two pieces to over two dozen cave-tastic organizational wonders. Check out the full range of Gladiator Garageworks Garage Packages which range from about $500 to over $7000. The package shown above is a bit over $4000.

For the Very Naughty – $100 to $300 Price Range

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Sawzall

We’re in the process of reviewing this tool, and early indicators point to awesomeness. We’ve seen it rival and even outperform its corded siblings. Whether you’re blazing through a demolition project, roughing in some vents, or tackling any number of cutting tasks, the Milwaukee Fuel Sawzall will occupy a most cherished position in any tool arsenal. The Milwaukee 2720-21 M18 FUEL SAWZALL Reciprocating Saw Kit with 1 Battery will set your generous gift giver back around $300. Or, if you’re already invested in the M18 line, the 2720-20 bare tool is available for around $200 (both links are HomeDepot.com).

Heated Jackets

The Bosch heated jacket, one of several brands to choose from now

Whether you’re looking for a casual hoodie, camo hunting gear, hi-vis work gear or just a stylishly-cut warm jacket, they’re all available powered by a cordless 12v battery to keep you toasty. And this season, heated gear isn’t all made exclusively by Milwaukee. A little competition is almost always a good thing. You can find the lineup of Heated Jackets from Bosch, Milwaukee and DeWalt from $100-ish to $200-ish on Amazon.

DeWalt Framing Nailer

Our amigos over at ToolSkool have a great review of this tool here:

Rumors of the DeWalt cordless framing nailer’s release have been around for a while, but according to DeWalt at the recent STAFDA tool show, it’s officially here and available. If you’re looking to go cordless without the cost, hassle and fumage from fuel cells, this is a great tool to consider.

Ryobi AirStrike Finish Nailer

Speaking of nailers, we’d also like to tip our hat to a slightly less beefy model that’s been selling like hotcakes. We mentioned the Ryobi AirStrike Nailer in one of our News Nirvana updates and you can find the AirStrike (tool only) from HomeDepot.com.

DIY Silver Rings

Got more time than money? Make a cool ring using silver coins and a little sweat

We recently published a how-to on making your own silver rings using silver coins you might already have (or can easily acquire on ebay). If you’re moderately handy, have a little time and a couple basic tools, you can give a gift that means even more since you personally crafted it. Or, if you want to cheat, there’s a link at the end of the article where you can potentially buy these handcrafted beauties. Check it all out in our How to Make Your Own DIY Silver Rings article.

PowerStrike Hammer

Move over titanium, there’s a new kid in town! The PowerStrike hammer has a whole number of things going for it. It’s made in the USA. It’s light. It’s modular (you can swap out framing and finish heads). It comes in multiple colors. Those are just a few attributes that led us to review the product. It’s too early to give our review impressions, but this is one of the more interesting developments we’ve seen in the world of hammers in some time. Check out PowerStrikeHammer.com for more details.

Nest Protect Smoke Detector

Nothing says I Love You like a gift that can prevent death by fire

I know what you’re thinking, “A smoke detector for a holiday gift, you can’t be serious?!” Actually we are. Aside from being one of the few gifts you might give that could save a life, the new Nest Protect smoke detector is geek-tastically cool. Check out more details on the Nest Protect including options, pricing and a purchase link here.

For the Slightly Naughty – Gifts under $100

Blaklader X1600 Work Pants

x1660 knees cordura
Don’t settle on new clothes for the holidays. Get some pants that are more like technical armor. Check out our Blaklader X1600 work pants review and you’ll see why we think they’d make a great gift for the home and tool-focused. Right around $100 from our recommended Blaklader retailer, Contractor’s Solutions after 10% workwear discount (details on the site).

Rockler State Parks Sign Kit

dewalt dwp611pk
We had fun reviewing this sign kit recently (look for the full review next month). This is a great gift for any woodworking loved ones (just keep in mind they’ll need a router and a suitable bit. Pick up your kit for between $50 and $80 (depending on size), from Rockler.com, where you’ll also find more details on the kits.

Stanley Utility Mats

Utility mats might not be easy to wrap or sexy, but everytime you step onto one of these you’ll be grateful to whoever gave it to you. Check out our full review on the Stanley Utility Mat for descriptions like “delightfully cushy softness”, spec’s and a purchase link.

Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light

Milwaukee’s M12 LED light is sure to brighten up holiday festivities

We’re in the process of reviewing the M12 LED light. At the risk of stealing our own thunder, we’re giving a little hint that we might like it by including it in our gift guide. It’s a bright, versatile, handy light for everyone from garage mechanics to electricians. You can find the Milwaukee 2351-20 M12 LED Stick Light for around $80 on Amazon.

Klein Tradesman Pro Tech Backpack

Another product with a review posting shortly on HomeFixated, the Klein Tradesman Pro Tech Backpack will turn you into a mobile, tool-toting, ninja-like pro. A beefy ballistic weave along with a couple dozen-ish pockets means you’ll have your gear ready to go where you go at a moment’s notice. You can find the Klein 55456BPL Tradesman Pro Tech Backpack for just under $100 on amazon.

Skil 360 Cordless Screwdriver

Give the gift that says, “I care about you enough that I don’t want you to suffer needlessly looking for the right bit for your cordless screwdriver.” Catchy, isn’t it? The Skil 360 has an onboard bit arsenal that will make you the Dirty Harry of fastener work. Check out our review and purchase info in our Skil 360 cordless screwdriver review.

For Those Who Were Merely Nice – Gifts Under $50

Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife

Normally, we wouldn’t consider putting a utility knife into a gift guide. Utility knives are one of those essential tools that just about everyone has and uses regularly. They’re typically boring, and often leave a lot to be desired in terms of design and build quality. Not so with the Milwaukee Fastback II utility knife. . . it’s a great low-cost gift that will get more use than just about any tool you might buy.

3M Tekk WorkTunes Headphones

Hookup your phone or mp3 player and get your favorite tunes sans commercials

Imagine drowning out all the din from the holidays with headphones that not only protect your hearing but also let you rock out to some kickin’ tunes. Just don’t crank the volume too high or you’ll be damaging your hearing while wearing hearing protection (not recommended). Check out our full 3M Tekk WorkTunes Headphones review (posting Nov 28th) for all the details.

Fastcap Remote Control Vacuum

Another potential gift you won’t find in most gift guides, this accessory for your shop vac is downright revolutionary. It enables you to power your vac on and off remotely, from the end of the hose that you’re actually standing next to all the time. We expect most higher quality vacs will soon be sporting this capability from the factory. In the meantime you can outfit your vac with remote control awesomeness via the FastCap Remote Control Vac.

Milwaukee Tape Measure

A great stocking stuffer or stand-alone gift, the new line of tape measures from Milwaukee is a tool that’ll be used all the time, for years on end. Plus it makes a cool sound when you deploy it. Check out our Milwaukee Tape Measure review, video, and purchase info.

Klein Bottle Opener

Klein wisely opted for a stainless steel tool with a drop-resistant, rubberized grip for when things get sloshy.

A must for every stocking and toolbelt, the bottle opener is an oft overlooked tool essential. We recently staged an epic battle between Channellock, Milwaukee and Klein’s bottle openers. Klein won, but we’ve got all three purchase links, with each bottle opener tool coming in around $10-ish, give or take $5.

Sugru – Play-Doh for Handy Adults

The gift of play and utility all wrapped up into one little foil package that won’t result in any jail time (assuming you don’t use sugru as part of a criminal enterprise). Sugru is where Play-Doh, caulk, super-glue, bright colors, and the maker / fixer movement all converge. From dishwasher rack repair, wall hooks and camera armor to footwear repair, Sugru is a great gift for any thrifty person that prefers fixing over replacing. Check out our full Sugru review here.

Simple Scribe

It’s hard to find a great tool for under $10, but that’s exactly what the Simple Scribe is. Get this for a woodworker, carpenter or handyman and chances are they’ll love you for it. Check out our Simple Scribe review and purchase info here.

More Great Tool-Centric Holiday Gift Guides

Believe it or not, HomeFixated doesn’t have the whole toolicious gift guide thing monopolized. Check out these great gift guides from our most tool-obsessed friends online:

ProToolReviews.com (You’ll also find 2 more trade-specific guides on their home page)

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