Abounding Sound from The Klein Bluetooth Speaker w/Magnetic Strap

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When I think of Klein tools the first thing that comes to mind is the electrical tools that I have had for decades that still perform as if new. Given my experience with their hand tools and testing equipment I was pleasantly surprised when I got the opportunity to evaluate their new rechargeable Bluetooth speaker. I find listening to music helps get me through some of the day to day work around the property, and working out in remote locations can make that challenging. Now, I’ve got sound anywhere I go.

product shot
Klein moves into the Bluetooth Speaker category with this compact but powerful offering.

Sounding off on the Details

When the Rechargeable Klein Bluetooth Speaker w/Magnetic Strap arrived at this branch of Home-Fixated I was immediately impressed with the design and build. It’s a compact unit, but well constructed and should hold up to the abuses encountered in most worksites. The package included a recharging cable as well as a 3.5mm cord to connect to a device if so desired. The controls were straight forward and simple to understand. I have a Motorola Z4 phone, my wife has an Apple iPhone 8. I was able to connect the Klein Bluetooth Speaker easily to either device. Volume can be controlled from the speaker or the source device. The sound was crisp and clear, no distortion at high volumes at all. I’m no audiophile, and I’m sure the limitations of this type of device don’t permit a concert-like sound, but I was more than satisfied with the sound quality. Recharging was easy with the included USB cable, and the speaker kept playing for me for several hours without needing to be recharged.

klein bluetooth speaker strap
The Klein Bluetooth Speaker features a rugged strap with an integrated powerful magnet ensuring you can secure it just about anywhere.

AEPJS2 Device Specs and Features from Klein

• Rugged rechargeable Bluetooth® wireless speaker offers crisp, clean sound and multiple mounting options
• Connects wirelessly up to 32-Foot (10 m) or via a wired auxiliary input (aux cable included)
• Hang by the integrated hang hole or secure the mounting strap around conduit, handles or bags
• Mounts with a powerful magnet embedded in the strap
• Able to answer calls hands-free with the built-in speakerphone
• 10 hours of use from a rechargeable battery; energy saving powers off after 10 minutes of inactivity
• LED light indicates connectivity and battery level
• Rugged speaker rated IP54 dust- and water-resistant and 10-Foot (3 m) drop test

Klein Tools’ Bluetooth Speaker with Magnetic Strap offers great sound plus more mounting options than most wireless speakers. The flexible strap can be used on conduit, backpacks, cooler handles, belt loops… wherever you want to go. A magnet is smartly embedded in the strap allowing you to attach it to any ferrous surface. Though the magnet seemed small it was powerful. I mounted it to a the framework on one of my garden carts while cleaning up brush, and despite my best efforts I was never able to get it to fall off.

klein bluetooth speaker on garden cart
Despite my best efforts I could not get the speaker to fall off the metal framework of my garden cart. The work certainly seemed less tedious with music playing.

Going Mobile with the Klein Bluetooth Speaker

We utilize our ATV’s extensively on the property, from moving feed, water and supplies to the livestock, to hauling firewood from the woods, they get a lot of use. I used the magnetic strap to secure the speaker to the gun rack on the front of one of them, more as a lark than thinking it would be practical. I was able to hear just fine while driving, and it was perfect to have music while loading the trailer with firewood. Maybe not exactly close to nature, but once in a while it’s motivating to rock out while working. Another real benefit is that when a phone call comes in on your phone you can hear it and the call is directed through the speaker and the music is muted.

klein wireless speaker on atv
The speaker attaches nicely to the gun rack on the ATV, so we’ve got tunes anywhere we’re working on the property.

In the Shop

We also have quite a few vehicles that need maintenance as well as the occasional repair. The magnetic strip on the strap was handy for placing the speaker close by, but out of the way while working on oil changes or other vehicle repairs. I wish I could find a light that had as much of a grip and was as easily placed as this speaker.

car repair
Car repair is a little easier to take when rockin’ out to your favorite music.

Klein Conclusions

I have nothing but praise for the Klein tools I own, my electric pouch is made up almost entirely with their products. I have always been impressed with the quality and longevity as well as their utility. This Klein Bluetooth Speaker with Magnetic Strap is no exception. The case is rugged, the sound is great and the ease with which it connected to my phone and my wife’s phone was as nice as it was a relief. I am somewhat limited in trouble shooting those types of city-slicker problems. The strap is a clever design. Anyone in the trades is going to find something to secure this speaker to, either by the strap or the integrated magnet. The Klein Bluetooth Speaker with Magnetic Strap is available for under $40 just about anywhere Klein tools are sold.

Klein bluetooth speaker in cabin
The Klein Bluetooth Speaker is the only source of entertainment out at our rustic cabin in the woods.

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