Tool News Nirvana – April 19, 2020

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In this installment of Tool News Nirvana, we’ll hear about an innovative dust collector from Rockler, a robotic lawnmower from WORX, new Klein pliers, cordless lawnmowers from Makita, and an exciting tool update from Milwaukee. Assuming that we’ve recovered from all of the chocolate and ham we ate over Easter, let’s get started…

Rockler’s New Dust Containment Solution (Minus The Vacuum)

Rockler Dustright
Rockler Dustright – Keep Your Dust On Lockdown.

Rockler launched a problem-solving new accessory for woodworkers. The Dust Right FlexiPort Dust Canister is a passive dust canister that comes with an assortment of 4 flexible couplers to fit most handheld power tools. It’s meant to be used as a filter and collector in place of a vacuum. This is great news for those of us that have a bad habit of borrowing our spouse’s Hoover every time we start a new project.

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WORX Wants You To Stay Inside And Mow The Lawn

WORX Landroid
WORX Landroid – Mowing Your Lawn So You Don’t Have To

WORX is launching the Landroid® robotic lawnmower. There are two sizes – a 7” which can handle up to ¼ acre, and a 9” which can handle up to ½ acre. It’s unique in that it has modular add-ons, such as an Anti-Collision System, GPS Connectivity, and “Off Limits” fencing. This is quite possibly the ideal yard care tool for our current period of social isolation – no longer do we actually need to go outside to mow our lawns.

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Klein Makes Pliers For The 10%…Of Lefties

Left-Handed Ironworker Pliers – Now It’s Easy to Double-Wield

Left-handed folks can occasionally be an afterthought in a tool designer’s mind. Most products are created for right-handed people, more than likely because the tool designer is right-handed as well. Klein, however, does a great job designing tools for all of its customers. Hence their new D201-7CSTLFT Left-Handed Ironworker Pliers. They feature a hook bend in the left handle for added grip and leverage, induction hardened cutting edges, and a spring-loaded action for self-opening. They’re available now.

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3 New Cordless Lawnmowers From Makita

Makita Cordless Lawnmowers
Makita Cordless Lawnmowers – Power Through Your Yard Care List

Makita is launching a trio of innovative cordless lawnmowers, geared toward more of a professional user. There are two models with 21” decks (self-propelled and push) and an 18” self-propelled model. All three feature capacity for 4x 18V batteries, commercial-grade steel decks, and grass level indicators in their collection bags. With the rate at which these cordless outdoor products are improving, it’s only a matter of time before carburetors follow rotary phones into the history books!

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An Update To The HOLE HAWG® From Milwaukee

Milwaukee 2808
Milwaukee 2808 Hole Hawg – Same Great Ergonomics, More Power

The model 2808 may look similar to the first generation of cordless right-angle Hole Hawg drills, released a few years ago. However, looks can be deceiving, as this tool features an upgraded motor and upgraded electronics, which both lead to more power and run-time. As with the previous generation, this tool still has a QUIK-LOK™ 7/16” chuck, for easy bit changes. It’ll be available soon.

More Info - via Milwaukee

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