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Hello, all! It’s time for your latest instalment of  Tool News Nirvana where we bring you the scoop on what’s happening in the tool, DIY, handy-person and home owner world. As usual, we’ve dug up some contests you can enter (with cold, hard cash prizes!), information on new tools hitting the market from Bosch, Milwaukee, and Festool, and some recall news from Worthington Cylinders that you may want to pay attention to, especially if you have a fondness for playing with open flames.  

Worthington Cylinders Recall
Are you the proud owner of a blow torch (is there really any other kind of blow torch owner than a proud one?)? If so, you may want to check if the compressed fuel tank is from Worthington Cylinders. And, uh, when you’re checking, it’s best not to do it while you have a lit cigarette in your mouth; Worthington Cylinders has just issued a voluntary recall after noticing a potential leakage problem. The recall includes MAP-Pro, Propylene and MAPP cylinders sold before January 15, 2012. Full information is on their website, but here’s the main bits:

Cylinders were sold as replacement fuel and in torch kits in the US and Canada under brand names including Worthington, Rothenberger, TurboTorch, Magna, Lenox, Ace, BernzOmatic, Uniweld, Craftsman, Goss, Super Ego, Castolin, Nevax, Bromic, Uniweld, Ameriflame, Hotery, GoSystem and Turner.

The cylinder may leak after a torch or other device is disconnected from the cylinder. If the leak is large enough or if the gas is permitted to accumulate in an enclosed area and there is a source of ignition, a fire could occur. There are no known incidents of fire or injury associated with this issue. Worthington is undertaking this voluntary recall out of an abundance of caution.

If you have a 14.1 oz MAP-Pro, Propylene or a 16 oz MAPP cylinder purchased before January 15, 2012, follow these instructions:

US & Canada

Important: Never transport a leaking cylinder.

For more information:
Call 1-866-511-8967, between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. EST Monday- Friday

That’s unfortunate, but it’s good that Worthington Cylinders is responding to the potential issue quickly. Hope no one here is impacted by that!

Milwaukee Solves The Energy Crisis (in your garage)
If you own any of the cordless Milwaukee products we’ve been chatting about here (like the Milwaukee M18 Vac or the Milwaukee M12 Drill Driver), you’ll like this: Milwaukee has just come out with a charger that will re-energize both M18 and M12 Lithium-Ion batteries. Owning the  Energy Star-rated M18™ & M12™ Multi-Voltage Charger (48-59-1812) means you just need to find one plug-in for charging and will have less gadgets occupying valuable real estate in your garage. One minor point to note is that the batteries charge sequentially, so if you managed to deplete both batteries and need both of them charged at the same time, you’re out of luck. Otherwise, just plug ’em in and walk away, preferably to a place that sells beer.  Compact batteries will take 30 minutes to charge and extended capacity (XC) batteries will be ready in 60 minutes. That’s just enough time to have a relaxing beverage or two without getting tipsy. Perfect! (Don’t drink and power tool though, OK?) The M18™ & M12™ Multi-Voltage Charger (48-59-1812) won’t be out until March, but it will be sold with future M18 products like the M18™ FUEL™ Drill Driver and Hammer Drill Driver. It will also be available separately, should you already be covered in the drill department and just want a superior Milwaukee battery charger.

Bosch Releases a Rotary Hammer With Bite
Whoever came up with the name for Bosch’s latest rotary hammer was sure eating his Wheaties that morning. I present to you, the Bulldog Xtreme Max Rotary Hammer. Three cheers for testosterone, everyone! But does the tool live up to its X-Games style moniker? Bosch thinks so. In their release, Bosch championed that the Bulldog Xtreme Max Rotary Hammer (or the RH228VC to its mother) “delivers 40 percent more speed, 20 percent more power (2.4 ft lbs) and up to 30 percent less vibration (12 m/s2) than most of the other hammers in the class. Able to drill holes up to 1-1/8” in diameter, the hammer also beats the competition when it comes to concrete drilling capacity. Whether frequently drilling large-diameter holes, using core bits or doing all-day chiseling, the RH228VC is the perfect choice for the contractor who needs maximum performance in extreme applications.”  The long piston and an internal mechanism give the user more control by minimizing vibrations of the hammer.

Here’s a video of a Bosch dude holding the hammer in front of a wall, and strangely not filling it with holes:

Festool Just Made Sanding Drywall Less Heinous
I could yap about Festool’s PLANEX Drywall Sander and its dust-free CT AutoClean system, but Festool made this video that demonstrates the product so well (and all to a rather bad-ass soundtrack that just screams “COME AT ME, BRO.”) that I think it’s best we start with that:

(You know, vacuum cleaners are never sold to women like that. We get all this bouncy happy music that does not at all match our moods when vacuuming. Perhaps if more marketers used I’M GOING TO KICK YOUR BUTT, DUST tunes to sell their products, they’d see a jump in sales.)

Anyhoo – as you saw, the extendable PLANEX Drywall Sander can smooth those walls and ceilings and the CT AutoClean sucks up the dust. Less mess, less time on the job, and less need for extra equipment (HEPA filters can even be added to the CT AutoClean). The PLANEX Drywall Sander is due out in March, so keep you eyes peeled on Festool’s website for more details!

Hurry! You Could Win a $100,000 Home Makeover!
Today, February 28th, is the last day to enter Lowe’s Home Makeover Sweepstakes. The prize? A $100,000 home makeover! And there are four to be won! We don’t know anybody whose home couldn’t use some sprucing up, so what are you waiting for? First, head on over to Facebook and “Like” the Lowe’s Page. From there, you’ll use their Facebook App to enter into the contest, including filling in a form where you can explain why your home needs a makeover and how you’d use Lowe’s products and services to maintain your snazzy-looking pad. Be fun! Ten finalists will be chosen and the public will vote on their top four winners. Good luck!

Real Cedar, Real DIY Contest
A big thanks to our pals at My Fix It Up Life for pointing us toward this contest! If you’ve built something with cedar and want to show it off, you could win $1500! It doesn’t matter if it was just a sweet little planter box or if you went all out and built your dream deck, the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association wants to know! Simply go to the Real Cedar Real DIY Contest page, read the rules, and brag to your heart’s content on the entry form by tomorrow, February 29, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win the $1500 cash prize. They’re also giving away “Fan of the Week” prizes for those who “Like” their Facebook page, so have at it!

Write in and Win! Two Days Left!
Since we’re talking last-minute contest entries, we should also mention that you just have a couple days left to enter OUR February reader’s contest! Just leave a wise, hilarious, or interesting comment on ANY HomeFixated article before March 1, and you’ll be entered to win a Genie Garage Door Opener. You can also get your entry in by subscribing to our free, environmentally-friendly (well, it’s paperless!) newsletter. You won’t regret it!


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