How To Make Angelfish Decor – I Swear It Was THIS Big

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If you’ve ever had a goldfish you know how quickly they can flounder. But don’t be too hard on yourself; they love being flushed down the toilet! It’s like a day spa for the soul (see what I did there?)! These low maintenance aquatic “pets” are shore to please: no water changes; no feedings to forget. Best of all, they make beautiful decor items. This just may be the greatest thing to ever come down the pike. Will you take the bait on this fun woodworking project? [Read more…]

Mountain Laurel Handrails

handrailsI’m not even sure where to even begin with this; I am completely awestruck by these handrails. For most of us schlubbs, we are surrounded by your average everyday balusters. Perhaps you’re a little more artsy-fartsy and your balusters have some kind of turned detail to it, or you forwent the traditional balusters altogether and used cable or conduit or fishing line (hope you used high test). Could any of these alternatives even begin to compare to what the folks over at Mountain Laurel Handrails are doing? I don’t think so! [Read more…]

Some of the Sweetest Man-Caves Ever – and A Poem To Boot

For many of us working schlubs, the idea of the man-cave is a dream, flitting around us just out of reach. But just because we can’t reach it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy another man’s man-cave. For those who don’t know, there is actually a Man-Caves TV show, staring former Raven’s lineman Tony Siragusa and contractor Jason Cameron called “Man Caves.” This DIY show follows The Goose and Jason as they create some pretty awesome caves for some pretty crazy people including Snoop Dog and Artie Lang.  [Read more…]

Exterior Portfolio’s Dream Designer Program Helps You Think Outside the Beige Box You May Be Living In


Exterior Portfolio's "French Country" materials package

Exterior Portfolio by Crane contacted us here at HF to let us know about their revamped online visualizer and see what we thought. They’ve introduced the complete “Dream Designer Program” including the Dream Designer Visualizer, Smart Styles Color Selector, Dream Designer Board, and Exterior Portfolio material samples. As many of you may already know, Exterior Portfolio is known for its maintenance-free building products; everything is made of plastic and plastic composites so it’s not only environmentally friendly, but endures far longer than wood and other traditional building materials.   [Read more…]

HGTV Casting Call – Inferior Design Disaster Show

Wanting to put together a beautiful room is one thing – actually pulling it off successfully is quite another. Some people simply lack the designer’s eye, others lack the skills to execute their decorating plans – and then there is the special breed of people who lack both but bravely go for it anyway. If that sounds like you, HGTV has a new show they’d like you to be on. [Read more…]

Give Your Home A Vintage Vibe:

There’s a growing trend nowadays for people to restore the design, décor and layouts of their home to match the decade it was built in. I live in a condo that was constructed in the early 1990s, so the chance of me getting on board with that is about as likely as a Color Me Badd comeback album. That said, I’d be all over it if I lived in a mid-century home. Not sure if it’s the greatness of Mad Men, my obsession with the 50s housewife, or a secret desire to own a mint blue fridge, but I can’t get enough of 1950s and 1960s aesthetics. Sound like you too? We found a site you’ll like! [Read more…]

Design by Democracy! HGTV’s New Show: Run My Makeover

Have little faith in the establishment? Wonder if your vote really counted? Not feeling much democratic love? Yes, we’re all disappointed in American Idol and Dancing With the Stars. But now, HGTV hopes to alleviate some of these sorrows by giving you something else to vote on – the home design choices of real homeowners. Plus, there’s a way for you to get in on the action beyond your simple vote! [Read more…]

Toiluxe Toilet Seat Lids: Sitting Pretty

Thanks to Toiluxe, an Etsy seller who turns toilet seat lids into works of campy art, we finally found something that takes toilet and bathroom humor to a literal level. [Read more…]

How to Choose a Chandelier

cloud-chandelierI love a good chandelier and ceiling pendant light. I think when chosen right, they can add a lot of personality to a room. I also love a southern drawl, so when I discovered that this eHow video about chandelier choices was presented by Nashvillian, Ann Myrick, I had to post it y’all. Here are some basic insights on how to choose the right chandelier for your space: [Read more…]

DIY: How To Create Your Own Invisible Shelf

We recently profiled a neat design – the Umbra Conceal Bookshelf. It received a few comments, so we went searching for similar ideas HomeFixaters might like.

That led us to this clip on Video Jug about how to DIY an Invisible Shelf that looked simple enough. Despite being hosted on Video “Jug”, I assure you the video is G-rated. [Read more…]